Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mineral Water vs Air Paip

Recent studies have found out that water from a pipe is the fourth healthiest water to drink in the world when compared to 1oo types of water around the world, defeating the well known Mineral water from very high quality brands such as Perrier and some few others, reported The Star in an article in Star Two some few days ago.

Interesting aint it? That's why i ll like to share it with you.

It was from a myth of two pranksters saying,"how bout we bottle these pipe water and sell it to the idiots who might as well buy it"? Not to mention that you are an idiot, but i found that i myself bought two bottles of mineral water everyday.

A much celebrated mineral water company, in the US or in India, has comfirmed that their mineral water source was actually, filtered pipe water, causing an outrage among the society for being deceived.

What i remembered was also Perrier, in which there was a case of too many unwanted substance in which i forgot, had resulted in them withdrawing so many of their bottled waters, around billions, from around the globe.

Finally,as written in the STAR, we might consider our pipe water can cause cholera, or any other related disease, but think of these. Our grandpas an granmas have survived food and drinks rationing, in which the water source was piped water, and there were very rare incidents of cholera or any of those sorts.

Think of it, would you spend more or spend less? When bottled water first appeared, the world was outraged as it was too pricey, but when soft drinks are classified as not healthy to drink, mineral water sprang to life.

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