Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mineral Water vs Air Paip

Recent studies have found out that water from a pipe is the fourth healthiest water to drink in the world when compared to 1oo types of water around the world, defeating the well known Mineral water from very high quality brands such as Perrier and some few others, reported The Star in an article in Star Two some few days ago.

Interesting aint it? That's why i ll like to share it with you.

It was from a myth of two pranksters saying,"how bout we bottle these pipe water and sell it to the idiots who might as well buy it"? Not to mention that you are an idiot, but i found that i myself bought two bottles of mineral water everyday.

A much celebrated mineral water company, in the US or in India, has comfirmed that their mineral water source was actually, filtered pipe water, causing an outrage among the society for being deceived.

What i remembered was also Perrier, in which there was a case of too many unwanted substance in which i forgot, had resulted in them withdrawing so many of their bottled waters, around billions, from around the globe.

Finally,as written in the STAR, we might consider our pipe water can cause cholera, or any other related disease, but think of these. Our grandpas an granmas have survived food and drinks rationing, in which the water source was piped water, and there were very rare incidents of cholera or any of those sorts.

Think of it, would you spend more or spend less? When bottled water first appeared, the world was outraged as it was too pricey, but when soft drinks are classified as not healthy to drink, mineral water sprang to life.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

One liter of Tears

Try to watch it. It is a tragic story. Worth your time to watch


A brief into an inconvenient truth. I looked around me to see a society once i thought perfect, would not seem prefect at all. I am going to talk about leadership, and the unlikely victims believe it or not.

Let's start with the leader. He wants to be one, power hungry, popularity ridden, and yet, a someone who actually is only half committed in things. Well, not to be proud, i have been a leader of small areas, just small aspects, but to be honest, i met a leader in my university, one of the bigshots, and he was not a type suitable for leadership.


Because he is half commited.

You see, to be a leader, you cannot say TAKPELAH, you cannot say Yes to everything, and the main thing, you have to have your own head or else someone with a bigger mindset than him would eventually take control over each of his every activity.

Yes, i am typing this in signs of frustration. There is a tennis court somewhere near my house. It was complete, except for the poles that should have been, by now, finished. The project started last year, and till today, no poles. A sign of weak administration. A half hearted one.

That is small.

A bigger one, One organization in someplace, said that the leaders and his subordinates( high ranked) Should be from the organization itself. I said HUH? What? You think you are perfect, but the fact is, the organization have long overpowered my university. To think so, it is unprofessional.

To all the undeveloped projects in Msia. Well, who is responsible.

Now the victims. Us.

Taxpayers, working force, students, etc,all are victims. Hamsters of the higher ups, guinea pigs of the 'scientists' who call themselves 'super-deserving-leaders', with a fact that they too, are the hamsters in the end.

My advice. To lead is difficult, so do it if you can do it. If you dont, just quit.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Week after week, torture goes on....

Incessantly written, the torture restarts every week. Every coming week, i dread the final exams. I have went through two weeks of project managing, involving setting up a booth for sales and also quizzes, horrible lab experience involving a super long reprt on light and optics, and also repeatedly scoring low marks for calculus.

Calculus has gone into an entirely new level, my my, i dont think i will make it this sem. This Coming wednesday is my chemistry test and tutorials, tuesday, physic tutorials, and whats more, i have spent so much money on food. Living in UTP, with all the stress you have, will make you hungry in less than 3 hours after eating!

My drama presentation have finished. Okay la. Can be done for.

Well, for my tennis, i have improved so much, i am now so proud of my forehand being so accurate. I cant wait to beat my juniors up during the holidays.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well, this was the day where almost everyone in the world ( im not sure if they knew about it or not) celebrated earth day.

Okay, here is the update around my neighbourhood.

I didnt off my lights, my neighbour didnt, a few houses in front of me also didnt.

Wanna know why?

Well, lets face it. How are you supposed to save EArth by doing so? Lessen Earth's ever increasing temperature for n instance? no doubt, its gonna be hot again after you switch it back on.

2nd, oh,this applies for malaysia, we are always having blackout,normally lasting 3 to 4 hours at night. We have done our part (although indirectly) and actually,we have done more than what earth day could offer. We offered 3 long hours of no electricity, while earth hour only provide 1 hour.. Aint it obvious;we dont need, not you,but me,dont need to get involved in such un-earthly activities.

Well,in my neighbourhood,its a 50-50,well,that might be thanx to the media,but seriously, i doubt if they ever will do it again.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Playtime's End

The morning of the tourney...

On this very fateful day, i finally finished my ongoing barrage of matches that have left me with shoulder and bicep pains, leg cramps, and also, insufficient rest. The UTP Tennis Closed have been a great exposure to me, and this is how it goes.

Day 1: i went to the tennis courts and had a few pix taken. My heart was beating so damn fast,and i know that i shouldn't be so. I was in group 3, and there are three people in each group. Only two are allowed to go to the next round. What happened,i went against a player that does not stroke as well as i do,but i lost to him 8-6 because i was in total fear that time! Shit... the second person i went against was Azwan, a very good player who registered much later than i do. I won,and i went to second round.

For doubles, i played with aminnol. We played against a foreigners team first and won easily,8-1.. Later on,we faced UTP's most consistent team,and it was a very2 good fight u know. MAtch was postponed as there was a bit of rain. We were trailing 4-5

Day 2. I was going to face the most powerful man in the circuit. His name was mR RAZOUL,and he was my previous English Teacher. He was very good,pawning all players who fought him in the first rounds. When the committe called him,he said he could not get up as he was very tired. He gave me free tickets to the semifinals! Both for doubles and singles. I was one lucky nut that day. he was good,and i was eager to go against him. Oh,for the continuation of yesterdays match,we played sleepily,and i lost 8-6,but it was a very good fight! HUHU

In the evenings are the semi finals. I went against the most consistent player in the UTP circuit. His name was Kecik,shorter than me,but ran like a cockroach for every ball hit by me. My mistakes would be on my inconsistency,and i lost 6-0,6-2,but i tell you,it was a very aggresive match.

For the doubles,we played against UTP's most powerful team. Yeah,hell...they serve real fast you cant see where the ball goes after hitting the ground. We played a tactical match. i was satisfied as i held on to my serve,but my partner could not,and we lost 6-2. Match was postponed again because of some rain.

3rd day: We continued our play,but to no avail as they are too powerful. Combined with my fear of getting hit by powerful balls, and also my partners inconsistent serve speed, we lost 6-2. on the same day would be the finals of the UTP closed,but i didnt watch it as i am super tired.

The best thing is, i got two certificates free! YEAH!
The Rainbow at the end of the was a beautiful full loop

Friday, March 6, 2009

Getting Screwed Up 4 Tennis And Exams.

Tomorrow is my first debut as a competitor in the UTP tennis closed competition. I might have to work extra hard from the beginning so that i can match up with my seniors who are very superior in skills and experience when compared to me alone,huhu.

I am also getting screwed up as i havent studied 4 da three tests this week. ARRRhhh